You have many options when hiring a company for roof repair. This includes local and nationwide companies. But, it’s typically best to stick with local companies to repair your roof though, for many reasons.

Whether you know a local company or you’re starting from scratch, here are 6 reasons to stick with a local company to repair your roof.

Easy to Verify their Reputation

It’s easy to ask friends and neighbors what they thought about their roofing company than it is to get reviews from homeowners nationwide. When you deal with a local company, chances are at least a few people around you used them so you can hear from the horse’s mouth how they were.

Most local roofing companies will offer references too. You can either talk to the clients (with their permission) or drive past their house to see the work performed. This provides a first-hand look at their work to help you decide rather than dealing with ‘made up’ reviews.

They Won’t be Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are companies that literally go after the storms. They settle down temporarily in areas with a lot of damage and move on once they tackle the area. 

The workmanship provided by storm chasers is usually less than optimal because they won’t be around for you to complain to or to even care about what you say about them since they move on to other areas quickly.

Some storm chasers even scam homeowners, asking for full payment (or a large percentage) up front, and then they never deliver the work. Because they aren’t local, it’s often hard to track them down, leaving homeowners without a new roof and their money.

Sense of Community

When you choose a local company with a brick-and-mortar building in your community, you give back to your community. You’re supporting the people of your community (giving them work) and helping that company give back to the community by helping them thrive.

Most local companies sponsor events and youth sports in the area too. By supporting local companies (using them for their services), you allow them to continue sponsoring and helping the community.

Understands the Area

Roofing repairs and replacements should consider the area’s climate and weather. Local roofing companies understand the climate and what materials do best in the area. Out-of-town roofing companies aren’t as aware of what happens in the area and frankly don’t care. They’ll recommend the materials that make them the most money and get the job done the fastest.

Working with a local company means you’ll have knowledgeable help in choosing not only the color and style of your roof but the materials that will last the longest to protect your investment.

Guaranteed Quality

Local roofing companies have a reputation to maintain. If they do a poor job, you’re going to say something about it not only to them but to the community too. You’ll have a much higher chance of receiving quality work when you hire a local company that’s invested in your community.

Local roofing companies are also available should you have a problem down the road. Say there’s a manufacturer’s defect six months from now. A local company can help – a distant company cannot.

They Know your Roof

Sure, you could call any company to do your roof repairs, but wouldn’t you rather work with a company that knows your roof? Even if you don’t get the same contractors each time, the company itself knows you and any past issues your roof has had.

When you use a different company each time you need roof repair or consider roof replacement, you’re starting from scratch with a company that doesn’t know your roof’s history.

Final Thoughts

Even if you find cheaper prices from a ‘storm chaser,’ they do that for a reason. They want to get your business but won’t provide nearly the same level of service or quality a local roof repair company would offer.

At Roof Joker, we provide 5-star service to every customer we serve. We provide free evaluations and are transparent about the total cost of the repair. Our contractors are also honest with you about the condition of your roof, letting you know if a replacement is a more viable option.

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